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How You Can Help CGSW

Sponsor a Project:  Whether your interest is in applied research or laboratory research, or in a specific geographic location, sponsorship provides us with sustained funding over a period of time to rigorously develop and test our methodology.  For details regarding current funding opportunities, please contact Dr. Joanne McGriff or click here.

Fund a Fellowship:  Fellowship gifts support Emory’s talented postgraduate researchers as they engage in hands-on research and public health practice in developing countries.

Support the Annual Symposium: The Center for Global Safe WASH is a powerful network of experts, based right here in Atlanta, working together and advancing solutions through a collaborative model that is unique in the world. Each year, the member-experts of the Center for Global Safe WASH convene for its Annual CGSW Spring Symposium at the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University.  The symposium creates a dedicated time for Atlanta-based partners to strategize and develop plans for far-reaching water and sanitation initiatives in global and domestic WASH communities. To make a donation towards the WASH Symposium, please go to  Center for Global Safe WASH Fund

Create a Scholarship:  Scholarship gifts provide support for students working in the field of public health, allowing them to pursue specific field projects or research activities in water, sanitation and hygiene.

Support Core Activities:  The CGSW is a major outlet of research and education on WASH.  We host large events, educational seminars, web-based trainings, special meetings and produce educational materials that disseminate our research findings in WASH.

Provide a WASH research and/or training field opportunity:  The CGSW is always interested in working with new partner organizations to provide research and training field sites for our WASH faculty and masters level students.  If you or your organization have a current WASH field opportunity or would like to discuss ways to receive a graduate student intern,  please contact Dr. Joanne McGriff or click here.

For more information on how to donate or contribute to the Center for Global Safe WASH, please contact Dr.Joanne McGriff, Associate Director of the CGSW, at the Rollins School of Public Health or click hereWe will respond to your message as soon as possible.

To make an online gift now, please go to Center for Global Safe WASH Fund.

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