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  • Identifying Pathways of Transmission and Prevention—the SaniPath way

    From the blog post by Habib Yakubu, CGSW Fellow

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    My work takes me to low-income urban communities all over the world, from India to Ghana, wherever possible fecal contamination could lead to the rise of diseases that sicken or kill. That’s because I work on the SaniPath project, an assessment which aims to increase the evidence base available to sanitation policy makers and implementers in low-income urban communities. It is designed to assess public health risks related to poor sanitation and to help prioritize sanitation investments based on the exposures that have the greatest public health impact…..For more, click here

    Residents of Ndirande, a township located almost 3km from Malawi’s commercial city of Blantyre are captured at Nasolo River. The river is one of the main sources of water for household chores for most families.

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