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  • Water Challenges in Puerto Rico: Before & Beyond Hurricane Maria


    To watch the entire presentation, click here! The presentation starts at 9:00 min

    An interactive session of presentations and discussions about the water situation in Puerto Rico featuring:

    Carl A. Soderberg, P.E. –  Graduate of Georgia Tech and a licensed engineer in Puerto Rico who has has spent 48 yrs. in environmental protection, including 20 yrs. as Director of the EPA Caribbean Division and 16 yrs. in the Puerto Rico Environmental Quality Board.  Mr. Soderberg will discuss the water resources issues in Puerto Rico, including fresh water availability, assimilation capacity of rivers and streams, water hyacinths and many more characteristics of water in Puerto Rico before and after Hurricane Maria.

    Juan Villeta-Trigo, Ph.D.(c) – Economist with forensic experience in courts.  One of the founding members of the Puerto Rico Water and Health Institute at the School of Environmental Affairs of the Metropolitan University of Puerto Rico; and one of the founders and Past President of the Puerto Rico Economists Association.  Mr. Villeta-Trigo will discuss the economic costs of the 2015 drought in Puerto Rico.  He will address the scarcity of water, its challenges and opportunities.

    Ashley Andujar, MHSA – CDC Health Communications Specialist who was deployed to Puerto Rico after the emergency to coordinate health communication messaging regarding waterborne disease risks.


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